In order for your facility to work, the hardware has to function as well as the software. Put the skills of Project Associates engineers to work for you on your next mechanical project. Our mechanical engineers are experts in the principles of engineering required to meet all of your industrial design requirements.

We also know that there is more to a successful outcome than education and experience. Your plant floor is like no other. Your plant engineers, equipment operators, and maintenance personnel work every day to make your plant better than the competition. So our first step is to learn your plant and your culture.  Our client based structure allows our engineers and designers to understand what is happening on your plant floor in order to help you grow and enhance production with each project.


  • Project management
  • Industrial HVAC solutions
  • Piping designs
  • Flow Diagrams
  • Process & Instrumentation Diagrams
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Machine design
  • Material handling
  • Robotic applications
  • Equipment integration
  • Plant utility infrastructure
  • Safety related installations