It may sound simplistic, but our experienced automation staff recognizes that new technologies should help your bottom line, and also not be burdensome for your maintenance staff to support.  At Project Associates, we pride ourselves in applying the newest technology in straightforward ways that allow you to easily step into the future.  Additionally, our staff is adept at implementing valuable diagnostic tools to help you maximize the availability of your automated equipment.


Project Associates Automation Group can assist you in all phases of a complete automation project.

  • Preliminary Cost Estimates for Funding Appropriations
  • Control Systems Design and Development
  • PLC & HMI Programming and Documentation
  • Safety Systems
  • Data Acquisition Systems
  • Downtime Analysis and Advanced Diagnostics
  • 21CFR11 Compliance
  • Process Validation and IQ/OQ
  • Operation Manuals and Training
  • Turnkey Control Panels
  • Installation Support, Start-up, and Commissioning
  • Industrial IT

Project Associates Automation Group has the knowledge and experience to work with your preferred hardware and software. We can also analyze your requirements and choose the right tools and technologies for your unique integrated solution. Our experience includes expertise in a broad range of automation hardware and software, including:

  • PLC’s
  • DCS
  • Drives
  • Robotics
  • Communication Networks
  • Servo/Motion
  • ID Systems
  • Control Networks